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How it works?


1 We have been in contact with the school or institution

By direct email, contact phone call  or word of mouth or they  have contacted us.

We then organise and book the day/s of photo shoot.

We prefer 1 morning for 20 children  ( 1 classroom per morning)


2 School contacts you and offers our products

We provide an email with a link with examples of the packages.


3 Register prior to photo shoot

You provide personal details of you and the child.

We only use this information  to arrange the package.


5 Photo-shoot Day

The teacher will advise the parents that they need to bring a costume specifically for the event.

Example: a Christmas costume.


6 Confirmation that  your child has been photographed

We will send you an email confirming if your child has been photographed or  why we couldn't take the picture of  your  child. For example; if the child  was too distressed and crying or was upset.

We send an ID check to the school/teacher.


7 Time frame

Time to prepare the photos: minimum 2 weeks. These photos are available only in digital form.


8 Pre-order (optional)

For a further 10% off you can pre-order the package without first seeing the photographs.


9 Your child's photo is protected

Access to the photos is only through a password which is sent to you once you've received confirmation your child has been photographed and the package is ready.


10 Select photos/ package + Purchases = Download

You can see the photos and packages online; decide carefully what to buy either the package and/or extra photos. Remember you are under no obligation to purchase anything,

We believe in our product, we create  high quality photos so we are sure you will love it and buy it.


Important notes:

Money cannot be refunded once photos have been downloaded.

All package and photos are digital only, no prints are provided.

The photos will be in our hosting for a limited time of 60 days only, due to the space. We will delete the photos after this period of time.


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Our expertise is to photography combining with creative background and make your photos extra special

We are living a  fast pace digital  world, where you can share your photos via social media, mobile devices and computer

We honestly can not compete with big companies with very low prices or been responsible for 3rd parties products

You can choose favorite the printer company  base in location and price




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